This is What People think about taking Online Courses – 93% Positive

The image above is a representation of what people think about online courses globally, according to a survey conducted by Coursera.

93% of education seekers who took at least one online course between 2016 and 2017 said it was useful. 84% of career builders were positive about their experience, while 72% of all learners said it helped them gain confidence.

It will interest you to know that, according to the survey, people from developing economies were more likely to report positive outcome from taking online courses.

Recently, after scrutinizing a pile of CVs from job applicants at AfterschoolAfrica, we came down to three top candidates for one job vacancy. What gave the selected candidate an advantage over the other two was the online courses he mentioned to have taken, in his CV.

Companies and organizations are starting to take online learning more seriously. Apart from the skill gained, I believe it says a lot about the candidate.Willingness to learn and self-develop.DisciplineCommitmentAdaptabilityEmployers desperately seek candidates with these soft skills because it’s what it takes to survive the harsh workplace and business environment.

Start with taking one online course today. It can make a difference in getting your dream job, edging up your career or growing your start-up. Whatever it is you desire.

There are several online learning platforms, free and paid.
If you are looking for premium online course, Udemy is offering all their paid courses for $10. Some of these courses normally cost up to $200. But if you register within 48 hours, you’ll have to pay $10 only.

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Ikenna Odinaka
Student Advisor