In the genesis of creation, God created mortals in His image and likeness and endowed with different talents. Thus, by their gifting, some are considered special, anointed and/or beloved. However, the LORD saw that the attitude of the mortals he had created was evil. Some of them, like Cain, were jealous of the successes of their brothers and the implication of such evil will always be disastrous for his kind. Confucius the great philosopher aptly captured this when he stated that “when you hate someone, you are defeated by them” It is for this reason that several attempts made by parochial people to pull down, halt or destroy a gifted, intelligent and compassionate person, like Senator Buruji Kashamu will ultimately fail.
Nigeria is endowed with personalities who are exceptionally successful in their various fields, but not many of them are actively doing things that will add value to the lives of their people.

Greatness is not a factor of scholarship, individual exploits or great speeches; it is all about serving people and doing what it takes to bring prosperity to your nation. That is why the effort made by our Distinguished Senator Buruji kashamu to harness another source of revenue from the mandatory stamp duty, at a time when the economy is in financial distress, is highly commendable. 

Already, trillions of naira has been generated as revenue. This is a great boost to the federal government’s efforts to create and exploit other sources of revenue in the face of dwindling incomes from crude oil. 

Our Senator is not only distinguished by the office he occupies at the national assembly but also by his enterprising commitment to the economic recovery and growth of our great country. He is not selfishly focusing on expanding his business empire; he is indeed channelling his business acumen towards making Nigeria great and prosperous.

Senator Prince Buruji kashamu, you are blazing a trail that is worthy of emulation. May the Almighty and Merciful Allah bless you and protect from evil men.