Within the Nigerian political class, people have come to acknowledge Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu (SPBK) as an apostle of true democracy, equity and justice. Indeed, he is in a sense regarded as one of the most pro-active leaders among his colleagues.

Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu is a rare breed and a patriotic silent achiever who believes in Nigeria’s potential and greatness. Thus, he has assumed a well deserved seat at the front row of renowned advocates for democracy, truth and justice.

As a great party leader, SPBK remains unwavering in spite of the many struggles he gets confronted with. He is amiable but blunt; a stickler for order, accountability and transparency.

To SPBK, the passion that drives a man defines his focus and agenda in life. So, he is driven by a well defined passion to elevate the status of his constituents and severally he has spoken and done things in affirmation of his drive.

As a seasoned businessman, he believes in commitment, loyalty and steadfastness. These virtues have been the guiding principles in his endeavours, setting the pace for his brand of extra ordinary greatness.

We pray God continues to strengthen this dynamic man who wishes Nigerians well.