Senator Buruji Kashamu
Senator Buruji Kashamu

It has never been more important for political leaders to manage their emotions and their emotional impact on followers.

The world is speeding up, boundaries are blurring, and emotional intelligence is demonstratively the core factor that determines outstanding leadership in modern day political world.One notable public office holder whose outstanding leadership attributes distinguishes him from mere capable leaders is Senator Buruji Kashamu(SBK).

The classic mindset of intelligence relies on intelligence quotient, or IQ, a terminology many people are familiar with, that is established by mid-teens and cannot increase. However, studies have shown that top leaders are not necessarily higher in IQ than average leaders but are significantly higher in emotional & social intelligence, which can be improved throughout life. In fact, IQ only predicts 10%-20% of life success.

Highly emotionally and socially intelligent leader like Senator Buruji Kashamu is aware of himself and others and able to manage his own emotion and his emotional impact on his followers.Senator Buruji Kashamu is of the opinion that this principle is being used as an effective framework to coach and develop followers.

Emotional Intelligence create an effective work climate that creates a culture of emotional intelligence at the subordinate level. Senator Buruji Kashamu idea of leading by doing is a proven technique for leadership effectiveness. Additionally, the ability of a political structure to function well depends on the relationships of the people involved, which ultimately relates to the degree of emotional intelligence of its followers and leaders.

If Nigeria had more outstanding political leaders like Senator Buruji Kashamu,it would be a more comfortable place to live.