Life mandates us to continually choose between good and bad in every sphere. In government, the ramifications of choices we make are evident in the quality of life of the people. Poverty, carnage, diseases and other vices are due to the bad choices made by uncaring leaders. A good, caring, benevolent and visionary leader would go the extra mile in making far-reaching choices for the benefit of the people. Senator (Prince) Buruji Kashamu (a.k.a SPBK) is that kind of leader.
SPBK is not only the friend that loves at all times but also the brother that stands by you in times of adversity. His instincts are primed to sense pain; his intellectual dexterity and material resources have been invested in empowering the down-trodden and vulnerable in the society. Those who come to him in tears return with smiles and greater hope for a better future.
Unlike the powerful and selfish rich who find pleasure only in their own comfort , SPBK finds pleasure in doing good. All his activities at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly are people-centred. For him, the immutable words of Spanish novelist, Carlos Ruiz Zafon are true: “Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them”. 

Without a doubt, #SPBKcares.