OGSIEC: Local Government Election, SPBK Speaks




My dear party leaders, elders, members, chairmanship and councillorship aspirants, I address you today with reference to OGSIEC’s purported acceptance of the list of candidates for the forthcoming council election from an imaginary parallel group within the Ogun State PDP.
I wish to implore you all not to lose hope. Let us gird our loins; remain steadfast and calm. It is not over until it is over.
Being tied to the apron springs of the Governor of Ogun State, this is not the first time OGSIEC will be involved in this kind of injustice and the deliberate subversion of the will of the majority. What is playing out now was what happened in 2012 when they chose to recognise the weak and malleable group over the authentic party structure and it’s candidates.
We are aware that they are afraid to go to an election with us because we are more on the ground. We are very confident that in terms of Mobilization, Organization, Empowerment and Management, APC in Ogun State cannot match us. Ditto the so-called parallel exco.
There is no reason to despair. We are in for a long haul. It is not a 100-metres dash. We are strong-willed and ready to hold on and hold out. This is a clear travesty of justice that won’t stand the test of time and the law. We have submitted all the genuine, legally binding documents in our possession to OGSIEC – a final judgment concerning the Ogun State Exco that has also been registered in the Ogun State High Court and automatically becomes a binding court judgment in the state has been served on OGSIEC; all the INEC reports on the congresses, including the cover letter from INEC was served on them; a letter from the caretaker committee that gave some percentage of the delegates to those parading themselves as the parallel group was also submitted to them. What is more, OGSIEC on its own wrote to INEC asking it to clarify which is the authentic Ogun State PDP Exco and INEC in a letter dated 9th August, 2016 replied, saying it recognises and relates ONLY with the Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led Exco. OGSIEC was already aware of the 26th of May, 2016 order it purportedly relied on to accept the list submitted by one Sikirulai Ogundele-led group and the 24th of June, 2016 judgment that says Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led exco is the only recognised party structure in Ogun State when it told the whole world on the 6th of July, 2016 that it would act on “the position and direction of INEC” on the issue of the PDP “factions”.
If with all these documents, OGSIEC still decided to go with the minute group, it could not have been because the group is stronger than us or they are on the right side of the law. Obviously, something ominous is fishy.
It is also clear that by trying to exclude us, OGSIEC and the APC-led State Government have devised a plan to avoid going into an election with us but with the pliable group which only fielded candidates in about 50 percent of the LGAS and LCDAs!
We all know that the Ogun State government through OGSIEC is going to rig the election, write the results and declare same. They are also the ones that will set up the Local Government Election Petitions Tribunal as well as the Appeal Tribunal. So, in essence, they will be the referee in their own game and also the judge in their own case!
However, it does not mean we are helpless or hopeless. We are going to fight this open travesty of justice and grave illegality until justice is done. They have murdered sleep and shall sleep no more.
Already, we have filed criminal contempt proceedings against all those concerned. I believe that very soon, the contemnors will find themselves where they rightly belong.
Also, a case has been filed against OGSIEC, the Attorney-General of Ogun State and the Commissioner for Justice and the Minister of Finance wherein the authentic Ogun State PDP Exco is asking the court to declare the Local Government election null and void if it is held without the authentic and validly nominated candidates by the ONLY recognised Engr. Adebayo Dayo-led State Exco.
The authentic and recognised State Exco who are the plaintiffs in the suit are also asking the court to stop the allocations due to the local government that will be constituted without the participation of the validly nominated candidates of the PDP.
I promise you all that, by the grace of Almighty Allah, we will slug it out within the ambit of the law. But while we do this, I hope everyone can now clearly see those that are working for the APC. In accordance with the working arrangement that they had during the 2015 elections which made the APC not to challenge their elections, they have decided to work for them again. But, I assure you all that we and the PDP will overcome.
Senator Buruji Kashamu