“Your personal brand is your promise of value to the world, and your commitment to deliver distinctively with every skill developed and talents you have been gifted with.” 
― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Senator Prince Buruji Kashamu (SPBK), the entrepreneur and businessman is not just a brand, but a unique manifestation of ingenuity, versatility and dynamism. These qualities spurred his exceptional growth and diversification in business. From his early days as a consultant at the local government to commerce across the West African sub-region, from real estate development to cotton manufacturing, from oil and gas to hospitality, SPBK has exhibited an uncommon resolve and a midas touch that is second to none. He exudes a high level confidence that has enabled him to progressively and profitably accomplish his ventures, even under the most stressful and challenging conditions.

SPBK is one of the few entrepreneurs in Nigeria with a perfect understanding that big challenges yield big rewards. This is the same mindset that inspires and motivates successful entrepreneurs to spot opportunities where others see challenges. While others shirk away from the challenges, SPBK focuses on how to maximise the opportunities with his gaze on the finishing line and the end result. Thus,Kasmal Group of Companies is today a major player in Nigeria and the West African sub-region because SPBK strategically sets very clear goals and empowers his team to be proactive.

He is aware that hiring capable and competent hands, growing a business and increasing sales require passion, commitment and consistency in managing both minor and major details. And that is what he does even when he allows for cross-fertilisation of ideas, yielding grounds to superior argument and logic which ultimately must make business sense.

Truly, SPBK is an entrepreneur with a difference.