In as much as there is no single absolute definition of leadership, the traits and purpose are universally the same. Leadership is a call to serve, inspire and mentor the led to discover themselves and inspire them to attain the highest and best expressions of themselves for the benefit of all.

A leader is an all-rounder; witty, intelligent, visionary, a motivator and a man of many parts. Senator (Prince) Buruji Kashamu (SPBK) perfectly fits these descriptions and more.

As an entrepreneur, several business enterprises owe their birth and progressive existence to his inspiring guidance and abiding devotion to both the enterprise and human resource; where there is need for a bail out in form of funds or strategy, he painstakingly ensures that it is sufficiently given and applied. That is why he is not contented with being the proverbial giant among dwarfs. He is surrounded by vibrant, enterprising people who are doing brilliantly in their chosen fields and in so many ways have him to thank for their accomplishments.

As a politician, SPBK is a dependable motivator among his people. He has supported and defended the rights, business interests and the people’s mandates at various levels in the political hierarchy. The battery of litigations that he has been directly or indirectly involved in are hallmarks in his advocacy for fairness, justice and equity in and out of the political space.

That is why those who are close to him are quick to say SPBK is being hounded and blackmailed for fighting to defend those who cannot fight for themselves.

As a philanthropist, SPBK through his personal life and the activities of the Omoilu Foundation is inspiring and challenging both friends and foes to emulate his lifestyle of compassion and sacrifice.

Today, regardless of what anyone might say many politicians in his native Ogun State and the South West geo-political zone are walking in his footsteps.            

Like a giant, his footprints are all over Ogun State, the South West, Nigeria and indeed the West African sub-region. His positive contributions in philanthropy, business and politics are ingrained not just in the sands of time but in the hearts of men and women, the young and the old. As a leader, he has dedicated his life to making positive contributions to the lives of the disenchanted youth, hopeless men and women, irrespective of their political, religious or ethnic cleavages. Many of them now owe the life of hope and optimism that they live to God and Senator Buruji Kashamu’s benevolence and uncommon charismatic leadership.