​Sahara Reporters lied against me, says Lawyer 

A radical lawyer, Prince Ajibola Oluyede has denied being involved in any unprofessional conduct, contrary to the report of an online publication, Sahara Reporters. 

In a statement he issued today in Lagos, Oluyede said, “Sahara reporters and its Nigerian proprietor, Omoyele Sowore, lack integrity.

“This online bugging rag, feeding on grants it obtains by false pretenses from a US charity, has built a perfidious reputation as a hired character assassin.

“Every publication it produces is based on concocted fiction and is designed only to defame.

“It’s recent publication mentioning my name and the matter I handled for Capital Oil is another such sponsored defamation.

“I have responded to it once and now again challenge Sahara Reporters to produce the confidential report it claims to be the source of the falsehood.

“The entire story is evidently concocted and the new attempt to latch it on to the view of the NBA president (that DSS indicted judges should stand down) in order to give it new readers’ appeal is patently contrived.”

The statement added, “Let me emphasize that Sahara reporters’ known Nigerian proprietor will not get away with this unjustifiable, malicious and false attack on my professional reputation.

“I have never offered any judicial officer any bribe nor obtained or passed on bribes to any judge in my entire professional life. 

“All my clients and professional colleagues know that I would reject a brief if it involves having to see a judicial officer let alone passing money on to such a judge or other officer.

“The amount of effort and research I put into my work aided by God’s favour is the reason for my continued success and I challenge anyone to provide any evidence of my untoward closeness to any judge that would warrant the accusation that I am a conduit of bribes to any judge.

“I have never and will never be involved in bribing judges.

“I do not even have that personal relationship with Justice Kafarati as the perfidious report suggests. The judge is a hardworking person who I respect from a purely professional perspective.

“I challenge Sahara reporters or any of its cohorts to produce the security report they claim to be their source.

“Knowing the antecedents and proven lack of credibility of Sahara reporters and its Nigerian proprietor I have no doubt that the entire report is false and was paid for by the usual sponsors only to denigrate the victory scored by Capital Oil over the badly managed AMCON.

“I do not expect any right minded person to believe any of Sahara reporters’ infamous publications.
“However for the benefit of those that might not yet know that Sahara reporters is a pure bugging rag with no credibility, I will take necessary action to establish that.”